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What percentage of dog bites get infected?

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Dog bites are the most common form of injuries in the United States. About 60% of dog bite injuries are infected, but the figure can be as high as 90%.

What happens if dog bite is not treated?

If dog bite is not treated, the dog may become infected with a virus and develop a serious infection. The dog may also develop arthritis, which can be very painful.

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When should you go to the doctor for a dog bite?

The best time to go to the doctor for a dog bite is when the victim feels pain, swelling, or a red rash.

Do dog bites need to be treated?

Dog bites are not always serious, and in some cases they may even be minor. However, if the bite is severe or if it causes any significant injury, then it needs to be treated with antibiotics and/or a tetanus shot.

What should you watch after a dog bite?

If you have a dog that bit someone, it is important to get them checked out by a veterinarian. The bite could be infected and require antibiotics to clean it out. If the person was bit on the arm or hand, they may need to go to the hospital for surgery to remove the bite.

How long after a dog bite does infection set in?

The infection usually sets in within 72 hours after a dog bite, but can take up to 7 days.

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How do you know if a dog bite is serious?

There is no one definitive way to know if a dog bite is serious.

What is considered a serious dog bite?

A dog bite that results in serious injury is considered a serious dog bite.

How do I know if a bite is infected?

The most common way to know if a bite is infected is to look for redness, swelling, or fever. If any of these symptoms are present, you should see a doctor.

What should I do after my dog bites someone?

If the person has been bitten by a dog before, they should go to the hospital. If the person has not been bitten before, they should try to keep their dog away from them and call police if necessary.

Do you need a tetanus shot for a dog bite?

There is no need for a tetanus shot for dog bites. There is a high risk of contracting tetanus from dog bites, but the risk is lower than from other types of injuries.

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Can you get rabies from a bite that didn’t break skin?

Yes, rabies can be contracted from a bite that didn’t break the skin. However, it is important to get medical attention if you are feeling unwell and have any symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, or headache.

Can a small dog bite cause rabies?

There is no evidence that small dogs can cause rabies.

What antibiotic is given for dog bites?

The antibiotic most commonly given for dog bites is penicillin.

How much amoxicillin should i take for a dog bite?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the dog’s age, breed, and health. However, most veterinarians recommend that dogs should receive at least 1 g/day of amoxicillin for prevention of infections, depending on their age and health.

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