What happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog?

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What happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog?
What happened to Brandon McMillan on Lucky Dog?

McMillan, who played Lucky Dog’s owner and sidekick, was fired from the show after he was caught on camera assaulting a woman. McMillan has since been charged with assault and is awaiting trial.

Is Brandon McMillan still training dogs?

Yes, Brandon McMillan is still training dogs. He has a new facility in Colorado Springs and he is currently training dogs for service work.

Is Brandon McMillan animal trainer married?

No, Brandon McMillan is not animal trainer married.

How old is Brandon McMillan?

Brandon McMillan was born on September 9, 1988.

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Is Lucky Dog fake?

There is no such thing as a “Lucky Dog.” This is an online hoax that began circulating on social media in early 2017.

Who is the new host of Lucky Dog?

The new host of Lucky Dog is not yet announced.

Is Lucky Dog still in production?

Lucky Dog is still in production, but it’s currently unavailable for purchase.

What is Brandon McMillan salary?

Brandon McMillan is a professional basketball player who has an estimated annual salary of $1 million.

Does Brandon McMillan have a girlfriend?

No, Brandon McMillan does not have a girlfriend.

How did Brandon McMillan get his money?

McMillan is a self-made millionaire who started making money at the age of 14 by selling lemonade on the street. He went on to found his own company, which became one of the leading online retailers in the world.

How tall is Brandon McMillan lucky dog?

Brandon McMillan’s lucky dog, Lucky, is about 10 years old and stands about 45 inches tall at the shoulder.

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