Is a corn dog a sandwich or a popsicle?

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A corn dog is a sandwich.

What is a corn dog classified as?

A corn dog is a type of dog that is made out of corn.

Are hotdogs a sandwich?

Hotdogs are not a sandwich. They are a type of dog food that is cooked on a hot dog bun.

Is a hotdog a sandwich or a taco?

A hotdog is a sandwich.

Why is corn dog called corn dog?

The name corn dog is derived from the phrase “corn dog” which means a small, boiled dog or pork chop.

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Why is the hot dog called a hot dog?

The hot dog was named after the first dog to be eaten in America (the German Shephard).

What are corn dogs called in the UK?

Corn dogs are a type of dog food that is made from corn and other ingredients.

Are corn dogs unhealthy?

Corn dogs are not harmful, but they are not the healthiest option.

What is corn dog batter made of?

Corn dog batter is made of all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar.

Is a hot dog a sandwich or a sub?

A hot dog is a sandwich.

Is a hotdog a sandwich questions?

No, hotdogs are not sandwiches.

Is an Oreo a sandwich?

No, an Oreo is not a sandwich. It is a cookie.

Is pizza a sandwich food theory?

Pizza is not a sandwich food.

Why is a taco not a sandwich?

A taco is not a sandwich because the two items are not related. A taco is made up of small pieces of meat that are deep-fried and then filled with a variety of toppings. A sandwich, on the other hand, is made up of two or more items that are related to each other and are cooked together.

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Is a taco a sandwich questions?

Taco tacos are not sandwiches.

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