How much should I feed my 9 month old puppy?

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A puppy’s diet should consist of a small amount of hay, fresh vegetables and fruit, and a small amount of pellets.

Is a 9 month old dog still a puppy?

A 9 month old dog is considered a puppy. They are still learning how to walk and may still be nursing.

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How many cups of food should a 9 month old puppy eat?

A 9-month-old puppy should eat around 2-4 cups of food per day.

How much food should I feed my dog chart?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as each dog’s needs will vary. However, a general rule of thumb is to feed your dog at least 1-2 cups of food per day.

Can you overfeed a puppy?

Puppies should be fed a balanced diet which includes both fresh and frozen foods. Overfeeding can lead to weight gain, diarrhea, and other health problems.

How do I know if my puppy is eating enough?

There are many ways to measure your puppy’s eating habits, but some of the most common ways are to check his weight, score his food consumption, and track his stool samples.

How far can you walk a 9 month old puppy?

A 9 month old puppy can walk up to 12-14 feet.

How much sleep does a 9 month puppy need?

A puppy needs around 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day.

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Should I leave TV on for puppy?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are a variety of factors that can influence whether or not you should leave your TV on for your puppy. Some people believe that leaving TVs on all day can lead to heat stroke in dogs, so it is important to consult with your veterinarian before making any decisions. Ultimately, the best decision for you and your pup will depend on what is best for both of you.

What is a good schedule for a puppy?

A good schedule for a puppy is to feed them at 7am, take them for a walk at Noon, and then put them in their crate by 6pm.

Is it cruel to feed a dog once a day?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on the specific dog’s personality and needs. Some dogs may require more than one feeding per day, while others may only need one or two feedings per day. Ultimately, it is up to the dog’s owner to decide what is best for their pet.

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How many times a day should a puppy poop?

A puppy should poop every day, but it depends on the breed and size of the puppy. Some breeds are more likely to poop than others, so it is best to ask your veterinarian what is good for your pup.

How many cups of food should I feed my dog per day?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different dogs will require different amounts of food. However, a good starting point would be to feed your dog at least one cup of food per day.

Why is my dog always hungry?

There are a few reasons why your dog might be hungry. One reason is that he may have been eating something that you’re not allowing him to eat. Another reason is that he may be experiencing a weight loss or gain due to his age or pounds. Lastly, it could be due to a food allergy or an intolerance.

How many cups of food should a 40 pound dog eat?

A 40 pound dog should eat about 12 cups of food.

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