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How do dogs help the old couple?

Dog Lover

Dogs help the old couple by providing them with company, keeping them warm, and helping to dispose of their trash.

How did the dog’s spirit first help the kind old couple?

The dog’s spirit first helped the kind old couple by providing comfort and support.

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Why did the wicked couple kill the dog?

They thought the dog would bring them bad luck.

What did the old couple do after being rich?

They probably went on a cruise.

What was the name of old couple dog?

Old couple dog was a white labrador retriever and a golden retriever.

What did the old couple feed the pet?

They fed it hay, fresh vegetables, and sometimes a small animal.

How was Mr Gessler a failure in business?

Mr Gessler was a failure in business because he was not able to create a successful business.

What was the old farmer’s reaction when their pet dog was killed?

The old farmer was devastated. They loved their pet dog and felt terrible that he had to die.

Did the farmer forget his virtues after becoming rich?

No, the farmer had always been a good person. He simply forgot his virtues when he became rich.

How did the dog repay to the love of his master?

The dog repaid his master with love. He would lay down next to the master and wait for their next meal, so that he could get a good share.

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What did Nishad give Mr Nath Why?

Nishad gave Mr Nath a book on Islam.

Why did the king want no more talk about the Hilsa fish?

There are many reasons why the king wanted no more talk about the Hilsa fish. Some say that the Hilsa fish are dangerous, others say they are delicious. No one knows for sure what the king’s true reason was, but he may have been afraid of them.

Why did GOLU go to the river?

GOLU went to the river because it was a place where they could get water and clean their clothes.

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