Are Lab mixes aggressive?

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Are Lab mixes aggressive?
Are Lab mixes aggressive?

Lab mixes can be aggressive when they are trying to form their own pack or when they feel threatened.

Are Lab mixes hard to train?

Lab mixes can be difficult to train, but they are ultimately very rewarding animals. They are very active and curious, so it is important to provide enough opportunities for them to explore their surroundings and make new friends.

How smart are Lab mixes?

Lab mixes are usually considered to be average in intelligence.

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How can I tell if my dog is a Lab mix?

Lab mixes are typically the offspring of aLabrador retriever and a German shepherd. They have a white coat and black fur, and their eyes are usually blue or green.

DO Labs bite a lot?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that Labels bite a lot.

Will a Labrador protect its owner?

Dogs are known to be loyal companions and will protect their owners from harm. However, it is important to remember that dogs are animals and will have natural instincts that may not always be followed.

Are Labradors high maintenance?

Labradors are low maintenance dogs. They require little care, but they should be kept up to date on their vaccinations and health checkups.

What breed of dog goes well with a Labrador?

Labradors are a good breed of dog to housebreak. They are also very friendly and make great family dogs.

Are Labs good with kids?

Lab rats are not good with kids. They generally do not understand what is happening and often get scared.

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What Color Lab is the calmest?

The color of the lab is not as important as the person in that lab.

What is the stupidest dog breed?

The stupidest dog breed is the Poodle.

What do I need to know about Lab mixes?

Lab mixes are a type of food that is made from ingredients that are not meant to be eaten by humans. Lab mixes are usually safe for pets, but should always be kept out of reach of children.

Which color Labrador is the smartest?

Labrador retriever dogs are considered to be the smartest dog breed, with some research indicating that they may even outscore golden Retrievers in IQ tests. Some people believe that this is because Labradors are known for being independent and resourceful, which makes them better equipped than other dog breeds to solve problems and learn new things.

How big will a Labraheeler get?

Labraheelers typically grow to be about 2 feet in length.

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Do Labrador ears stand up?

Labrador ears do not stand up on their own, but can be helped by a person.

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